Get to know the LinkFast team and their vision

The goal of LinkFast is to create a link-in-bio tool where every user can fully express themselves and customize it to their personality without any limitations. It's a page that is uniquely you!
Since 2023

The idea for LinkFast emerged in 2023 with the primary aim of creating a unique link-in-bio generator web application where our users would have no limits. Our goal was to enable users to effortlessly customize any color, background, gradient, font style, and gather all important and essential content on a single page in moments.

We launched LinkFast BETA in September 2023, and by 2024, we had over 5000+ registered users in 3 months, which was truly mind-blowing! Following this, we consistently improved LinkFast by integrating new features and actively listened to user feedback for further refinement.

Today, LinkFast has evolved into a continuously growing and successful startup. Our goal has remained unchanged since inception: to make LinkFast the world's best and most popular link-in-bio tool. We continue to develop new features and enhancements to provide even more value to our users.