What is a link in bio tool?

LinkFast is a professional link-in-bio tool designed to consolidate all your social media and other links into a single link that you can share on your social media profiles and anywhere in your bio section. This allows your followers to find you everywhere, potentially increasing your followers and achieving higher post reach and conversions.

You can customize and shape everything as you like.

When we created LinkFast, perhaps one of our most important goals was to make each LinkFast page unique and best reflect the personality of its owner.

Increase your followers and get accurate statistics.

You can now see instant analysis data and statistical information about who views your profile on Instagram. You can also find out which links your followers navigate to and what they like the most. Additionally, you can obtain demographic data about which countries, cities, and devices are used to view your profile.

Everything important in one place

All your followers can now access all the essential information with just one click through LinkFast. Whether it's your latest blog post, new YouTube video, or your current favorite Spotify playlist - everything becomes available through LinkFast. Make connecting with your followers easier than ever!